Nippon Life to launch chatbot training for agents

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Sensely, a chatbot platform, is working with Nippon Life Insurance to launch an avatar-based sales rep training program to enhance and extend sales using voice-driven technology for the Japan-based life insurer.

The 3D virtual assistant provides sales representatives with information on the full variety of Nippon Life policies and related services. Nippon Life’s more than 45,000 representatives can access the content via their mobile devices, which offers convenience, speed, and the ability to retrieve information around the clock.

"Life insurance is a complex and important service, and our sales representatives appreciate any new ways that can help them properly address customer queries as accurately and efficiently as possible,” shares Takashi Okazaki, Head of US R&D, Nippon Life X Silicon Valley. Okazaki continues to say, “Sensely's SDK allowed our internal teams to bring a new level of interactivity to our training library.”

The program is built with Sensely's SDK development platform that is available for both web and mobile platforms. The SDK leverages popular chat channels via a series of extensible REST APIs in more than 30 languages.

"Our teams were able to leverage joint insights posed by this project to build additional platform functionality, which has helped bring Nippon sales reps closer to their members,” shared Billy Daniels, Director of Product Management, Sensely.

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