The digital and cognitive benefits of moving core claims’ systems to the cloud

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How are insurers creating lifetime loyalty? By providing an exemplary claims experience that includes new cognitive, mobile and other valuable technology assets.

Leading insurers on a digital transformation path know that innovation, agility and speed are key first steps to providing this type of value-added service. They also know they can only achieve these goals with cloud-enabled core insurance platforms, such as Guidewire’s ClaimCenter software solution “as a service” via IBM Cloud private or hybrid cloud.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to transition your new or existing Guidewire claim center to the cloud to integrate digital and cognitive technologies, while also shifting to a flexible/scalable consumption model (Saas)
  • How to quickly stand up new product offerings to capture market opportunities and respond to market trends (by shifting shift from a CapEx to OpEx pay-as-you go cloud model)
  • How a prominent insurer improved its mobile and cognitive offerings, and increased customer satisfaction by implementing a superior claims cognitive application.

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Key Speakers
  • Pat Speer
    Pat Speer
  • Nischal Kapoor
    Nischal Kapoor
  • Alok Rathie
    Alok Rathie
  • Peter Plekaitis
    Peter Plekaitis