Anthem rolling out health insurance kiosks

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Anthem has deployed more than 200 digital kiosks inside 80 health centers in the past six months across the state of California, the company has announced. The goal is to help doctors communicate more effectively with non-English speaking residents.

“When language barriers exist, the risk of incorrect diagnosis, duplicative testing and inappropriate prescribing increases. Language barriers may make individuals less likely to seek care or build trusting relationships with their doctors and less likely to adhere to treatment programs,” said Dr. Demetria Malloy, Anthem Blue Cross Medical Director.

The kiosks include Wi-Fi enabled tablets that help health professionals connect with certified interpreters without having to pre-schedule. More than 240 languages are accessible. They also provide telehealth services and information about community resources to address non-medical needs.

“The Anthem Blue Cross digital solutions kiosks are a tremendous benefit for the people we serve,” said Dr. Jonathan Porteus, CEO of WellSpace Health, a community health system that serves more than 100,000 people in Sacramento, Placer, and Amador counties, and one of the first locations where kiosks were deployed. “Without the kiosks, our patients and healthcare providers were forced into a quagmire of perilous communication. Thanks to Anthem Blue Cross, we can speak clearly with each other in any language, on-demand, to achieve better health for everyone.”

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