Travelers partners with Hover for 3-D modeling in claims

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Travelers has partnered with Hover to incorporate 3-D modeling technology into its claims assessment.

Hover’s technology transforms smartphone images of property into 3-D models, which will improve property damage views with detailed measurements of buildings. Hover will help claim professionals inspect damage without the need to climb ladders, or allow the policyholder to quickly submit claims without the need for on-site inspections.

“Our focus is always on getting our customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible after a loss, and we’re continuously looking for new ways to enhance their experience with us, providing a faster and easier claim process for our customers and a safer environment for our employees,” says Nick Seminara, Executive Vice President of Claim Services at Travelers.

Travelers has made other digital enhancements in claims including live chat features, allowing claim payment capabilities through Paypal service and conducting video estimates to better claim processing. Travelers also was an early user of drones to visualize property damages for faster repair, inspections and payments for customers.

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