How USAA is improving claims with UBI

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Like many insurers, USAA sees usage-based auto insurance, powered by telematics technology, as a major component of insurance’s digital future. In 2019, the company, which provides insurance and other financial services to U.S. military members and their families, launched its UBI program, SafePilot.

Currently live in four states -- Texas, Ohio, Arizona and Virginia -- the offering was developed along with TrueMotion to and uses customers’ mobile phones as the data-collection device, eschewing any third-party technology like dongles. SafePilot accounts for about half of new policies being written in the four states where it’s live, the company says.

Now, as expansion of the program continues, USAA has begun refining its Telematics Enabled Auto Claims process. Chief claims officer Sean Burgess says that tightly integrating telematics data with the claims process serves two goals: Removing administrative tasks from adjusters’ workflows, and getting closer to a fully touchless claims experience.

“It can be a ‘wow’ member experience, you’re looking out for them when things may happen to them,” says Burgess.

Working with TrueMotion, USAA has developed a portal for adjusters that allows them to view the data, time and location of an accident. These allow adjusters to get right to the actual incident rather than filling out this simple information.

“The next phase is when we get into crash detection and impact points, you’ll see the cycle time of a claim experience go way down,” he says.

The coronavirus pandemic and associated social-distancing mandates may accelerate USAA’s customers’ adoption of and comfort with the touchless claim experience. Four in 10 claims begin with a digital first notice of loss, Burgess says; nearly all claims are handled fully virtually without an adjuster visit.

“COVID has accelerated that digital interaction and comfort level -- in 2020, there’s been increased utilization of digital tools across the company, and we’ve seen that matriculate over into the claims space,” he explains. “We believe the speed and ease that you provide service gives comfort and empathy to the membership.”

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