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Two years ago, we issued a rallying cry: Let’s Be the Best. It was aimed at the industry, as well as at ourselves: Insurers are uniquely positioned to be leaders in digital innovation, not just for their own organizations, but for all financial services and for the business world as a whole; so let’s own that position and let it drive us forward.

As the industry has harnessed the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics, Insurance Networking News has provided close analytical coverage. We’ve expanded the reach of our market-leading special reports and rankings. And we’ve introduced the single most important live event for networking and knowledge about the industry’s transformation: Dig|In: The Digital Future of Insurance.

Today, I am proud to lay down a set of markers for 2017 and announce some exciting developments as we reinvent Insurance Networking News.

First, Insurance Networking News is now Digital Insurance – a brand that we believe truly embodies our mission in a transformed, and still transforming, industry. The “digital” in Digital Insurance signifies more than a set of new technologies; it embodies a way of doing business, including the embrace of real-time information processing, agile decision-making, experience-based marketing, and decentralized networks of objects, devices and people. This model represents the essence of what great insurance companies can and should do – regardless of individual technology choices.

We’re equally excited to announce that Digital Insurance is now live on a new publishing platform that supports our mission to inform and engage the community with high-value content and data. Audiences benefit from a simple and intuitive user interface and a fully responsive design that enriches the experience on all devices and improves discovery. The platform includes a flexible development framework that supports agile delivery of new products and tools, an improved mobile user experience, and other features designed to integrate content feeds, events and additional services into user workflows. We invite you to watch the accompanying one-minute video for a visual tour.

The platform also allows Digital Insurance to better showcase in-depth and investigative reports. Among the topics we’re targeting: a comprehensive look at the next wave of digital innovations and a deep dive into how technological advances are drastically altering the way carriers respond to disasters.

Digital Insurance is proud to be the only media brand focused squarely on insurance technology and transformation. We’re committed to keeping the insurance community’s leaders and innovators up to the moment on the critical issues, ideas and trends that most matter to their business.

As 2017 unfolds, we invite you to let us know what you think.

Nathan Golia
Digital Insurance

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