Data, stakeholder linkages among benefits of new crop insurance relationships

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American Crop Insurance will use a risk management platform from Farmers Edge partner to improve insurance services for its clients.

Farmers Edge's technology enhances data management for growers and gives them the option to share information with the insurer to automate acreage reporting and claim filings.

“American Crop Insurance is proud of our high-tech, personalized approach to working with growers, and our partnership with Farmers Edge is enabling us to take it to the next level,” says Jim Stinson, general sales manager, American Crop Insurance. “We’re excited to create new tailored services for our growers and provide a faster, more efficient way to work together that saves them a lot of time and reduces the headaches of keeping paper-based records."

American Crop Insurance expects to attract elite growers, and gain a strategic position in a fiercely competitive market. Stinson continued. Bringing field-level insights to both insurance agents and growers, Wade Barnes, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Edge, says that digital technology is changing crop insurance for the better by being able to link all interested parties up to the same data and optimize revenue and spend for farms.

“Crop insurance agencies are one of many farm stakeholders, ag lenders are another, seed companies, equipment dealers, these are all important business partners for a grower. By linking them all together in this network, growers benefit from customized products and streamlined processes. We’re happy to have them on board,” says Barnes.

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