Esurance Launches Mobile App For Self-Service Home Inspections

Esurance has rolled out a do-it-yourself Home Inspection app, which allows policyholders to self-inspect their homes and receive policy discounts, the company announced today.

Customers can use the app to complete a home inspection in as little as 25 minutes, instead of having to schedule a visit, according to the company. The app provides instructions for homeowners to record areas inside and outside their home. The content is then automatically sent to Esurance for assessment and underwriting. Additionally, policyholders are able to save video clips on their phones as evidence in the event of any claims.

"Advances in technology are changing the way insurers can conduct property inspections. From using high-resolution cameras to tablets and smartphones, there are new, efficient ways to gather property information," said Jeff Ill, vice president, homeowner product at Esurance, in a statement. "The DIY Home Inspection app is a great example of how we're leveraging technology to provide our customers with a smarter, easier way of doing things."

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