Coronavirus programming notes from Digital Insurance

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The coronavirus crisis is unlike anything the world has ever experienced, and presents unique challenges for us in covering it. While the impact on insurance -- and even more specifically and granularly, to insurance digital transformation -- will be deep and widespread, rapidly changing information makes it difficult to pinpoint exact effects at this early date.

But we know our readers are looking for answers and conversations about these effects, and we want to deliver that. Frankly, it will help us all to talk through what's going on right now, even if resolution is still weeks, months, or even years off. Social distancing hurts more than just restaurant table revenue. It prevents us from having the therapeutic conversations that can help us process these extraordinary times and the panic that lurks around every corner.

To that end, we're going to try some new kinds of content to give our readers the opportunity to talk through current events. And we're going to filter and focus these through the lens of Digital Insurance's mission to be the voice of insurance's digital transformation.

On April 3, at 12 noon Eastern time, I'll be joined by Celent's North American P&C head Karlyn Carnahanfor a video chat, with audience Q&A. Karlyn has written a report on three potential scenarios for the insurance industry -- none of which are especially positive. We will draw on her expertise in insurance technology strategy to assess the early and coming damage to our digitalizing sector -- and what we can do (if anything) to mitigate that damage.

My hope is that this model provides you valuable insight and content to help manage these extraordinary times. We are also looking into some other content products that will allow us to navigate this crisis nimbly. Above all we want to hear from you. What issues can we devote our journalistic resources to in order to increase your understanding of this crisis? My e-mail box is always open. Stay safe.

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