Nationwide taps TrueMotion to tackle distracted driving

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Nationwide has selected TrueMotion to capture distracted driving data from members of its usage-based insurance program, SmartRide.

Thanks to an integration of services deployed earlier this quarter, TrueMotion is now providing granular data to Nationwide on the frequency and types of distracted driving among policyholders, according to the companies. The insurtech is predominantly collecting information on smartphone interaction while operating a vehicle, which Nationwide is leveraging to predict future losses.

"It is critical for insurers to gain a better understanding of the impact of distracted driving,” said Teresa Scharn, Nationwide’s associate vice president for product development, in a statement. “Collecting data through our partnership with TrueMotion will provide information that can help us better understand the effect of distraction. These insights will ultimately help our members establish safer driving habits.”

Carriers provide a range of digital offerings to reduce or prevent smartphone use while driving.
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TrueMotion’s mobile app aims to clamp down on distracted driving, the company says. The startup offers insurance clients driver scores and a big data analytics dashboard for companies to manage personal UBI offerings. Nationwide now joins MetLife, Travelers and Progressive as TrueMotion's recent industry customers.

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