Most insurance marketing today is digital. And while that should help insurers meet their goals, it also poses challenges for their marketers. Three of the biggest are:

  • How do you effectively target your audience?
  • How do you accurately measure the impact of your digital campaigns?
  • How do you improve conversion rates and increase the return on your marketing dollars?

This practical and informative session will help you move beyond merely counting impressions and clicks. Experts from LexisNexis and TruSignal will demonstrate ways to:

  • Use your first-party data to define and target your intended audience
  • Apply powerful lookalike models to help improve targeting effectiveness
  • Integrate policy shopping tools into your marketing campaign
  • Meet goals by achieving much higher levels of policy conversion

Join us on May 4th, to learn how you can optimize your targeting, return and digital marketing investment.

Key Speakers

Elliot Kass
Moderator: Freelance Writer, Editor and Presenter
David Oliveira
Chief Revenue Officer TruSignal
Stephen Guerra
Director Acquisition and Retention Solutions LexisNexis Risk Solutions